Web App Development

Web App Development

A web application is software that runs on a web browser. Today we are having thousands of web apps around us. These web apps make our life easier with their functionality. Thousands of companies are involved in development of web apps to get them recognized in the national as well as international market.

33infotech is a web development company with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed over 100 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more.

Through the years, we have perfected our delivery processes and workflows to cope with constantly changing requirements and tight deadlines that are the hallmark of complex web development projects.

Custom Web Application Development

The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Cloud Development

Cloud computing allows tapping into a pool of resources (including networking, storage, etc.) to quickly scale up as the number of users grows. We are experts at building complex cloud solutions that are highly scalable, optimized for performance, and secure.

Mobile-Friendly Website Development

The pervasive nature of portable devices makes mobile web designs a necessity. Our team of usability experts, graphic designers, and veteran front-end professionals will make sure your website looks and works great — no matter the screen size or resolution.

Startup Software Development

Want to take the industry by storm? If so, we are your reliable tech partner with a wealth of experience in helping startups. Our engagement model and low-risk approach will help reduce time to market, optimize your budget, and ensure 100% IPR protection of your code.

An advanced car marketplace with sophisticated search and analysis capabilities designed to automate the entire car purchasing process.

Featured PHP Web Development Expertise

CMS customization and enhancement, video streaming and real time communication, social functionality, eCommerce and payment gateway integration

Featured Java Web Development Expertise

VoIP and video messaging, custom e-Learning solutions, ad inventory management, customer loyalty and retention programs

Featured .NET Web Development Expertise

Financial data management and analytics, seamless CRM integration, electronic medical record-keeping, enterprise content management software

Featured JavaScript and HTML5 Expertise

Stunning visual effects, advanced data visualization, cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks and libraries, mobile-first and responsive web design


Regular Sprints

A developer may take all his time and come with an unexpected output or not upto the par results. To ensure, that development process goes according to the project goals, we make sure to review our app developers’ work regularly. So, any chances of misinterpreting flow, missing an important feature or going away from UI guidelines are rooted out from day one.

Code monitoring

Code quality determines its lifetime sustainability. Only making out judgment about quality of software through playing with it is not sufficient, code review ensures that standard procedures are followed, Conventions are taken care and redundancy avoided – all of which may lead to poor foundation and bad product in a long term.

UX improvement cycles

Plain Functional software isn’t sufficient to grow your startup product with exponential traffic and repeat usage. Your software’s seamless user experience and simple but feel good animations that grow on user and minimize all hassles are all needed to get user addicted to it.

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